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Benefits of Bodywork

Primarily, the benefit is that the body gets work and you get to lie there and feel it happen... - mmmm -

But let's get to one of the strongest reasons we need bodywork in the first place. Many of us don't realize the trauma we continue to ignore as it impacts our bodies from within and without. Popularly thought of as stress, a basket wherein we throw the stuff we have magnetized to ourselves by the stuff we are sending out, we recognize its existence but ignore our responsibility for it. Therefore the fungus clouds our brain, clutters our emotions, and ties our tissues into knots.

Enter Roger Massager, whose first question may be "So what's your primary negative emotion today?". After melting that with EFT, you are already relaxed emotionally. Don't believe me? Come try it.

So to the table where we spend some time addressing your Central Nervous System with CranioSacral Therapy, allowing your inner physician to dictate a new balance and order in your head, spine and viscera, the organs that do so wish you would relax so they could work in peace.

Finally, unless directed otherwise by Dr You, some happy ironing out of the tissues rounds out the session, closing with words of encouragement along the lines of enjoying the role you have been chosen to play on the stage of your life and the blessings waiting to manifest themselves through you as you move through your days, interacting with those you love.

In short, bodywork makes you more pleasant and effective, not to mention alleviating physical and emotional pain and all that other stuff that's not nice.

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