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About Us:

 CranioSacral Therapy was my introduction to the energetic fields in which we live, with its core philosophy of "blend and meld". Intuition developed its extension into my hands who feel the restrictions in your body as simply electrical fields that need a ground to self correct. I become that ground and healing happens which returns your body to neutral.

I have been doing CranioSacral based bodywork for over 10 years, participating regularly (2+ times a year) in Comprehensive Therapy Programs sponsored by Integrative Intentions here in Truth or Consequences. I am married to beautiful Ann (for 45 years) with whom I share responsibilities of Birch Street Retreat, a couple of rooms we rent in our house which serve as therapeutic getaways including bodywork and hot spring soaks. 

  I work by appointment only, which can be arranged by calling 505-459-5607.

I take great pleasure in being a party to the release of restrictions, whether physical or emotional, that prevent fullness of joy and effectiveness in relationships. Your body is a holy place, a temple in which your spirit dwells while on its earthly sojourn. I would be honored to be an attendant to its maintenance, enhancing your journey.

Thanks, Roger

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